Thursday, March 30, 2006

They ruined my fun.


Why would they they change it so I can't hang around zonelines anymore?

That was my favorite part of the job. Some fool would run by and I'd start murdering him. He'd run (they always run) and I'd chase him. And then he'd hit the zoneline...

And then it was party time.

I'd find me a nice little unsuspecting party and start killing people. Always the White Mage first. They hate that.

And I'd always wait until they were in the middle of a battle. Silly little adventurers picking on a Mandy. Not in my house.

They'd start fighting and then suddenly, one of their teammates would be dead. WTFs and WTHs would fly like streamers and then, the realization would hit them.

It's Smithy time.

They'd try to run (they always run) and the whole process would repeat itself. One party would save themselves at the expense of another party. White Mage bodies piling up like Christmas presents.

It was fun.

And then they went and ruined it all. Now, as soon as the hit the zoneline, I get warped back to my homepoint. No murdering. No fun. Just pop and I'm back where I started.

There was a time when someone yelling "TRAIN" struck fear in the hearts of adventurers. Jungle parties lived in constant fear of my presence. They would run and hide, and sometimes cry.

Damn, I loved that.

Now, I run past and there is no fear. No running. No crying.

Even when I kill the guy I'm chasing, people just look up for a second and then ignore me. And then pop, back to home point.

Why would they ruin my fun?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I laughed and laughed hard!

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Goblin Enchanter said...

Yes, why oh why did they take our fun away? >.>

7:14 PM  
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