Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Things I hate: 1) People, 2) Orcs

I log in today and instantly get a tell from a Goblin Shaman asking if I want to start a party with him.

At first, I think no. I was planning on finding the little punk who stole my treasure chest key yesterday and making him eat his own face. But, I do hate to pass up on exp.

I really should have said no.

We form a party and start picking up people right away. We get a Giant Ranger (who is, ironically, a Warrior. Don't even get me started) and a Garnet Quadav for healing. I start to worry about a tank when Shaman finds a Bronze Quadav in his LS. Excellent.

One slot left to fill and that's where the trouble starts.

Someone suggests looking for a Demon and I instantly say no. Those guys are so damned emo it hurts. If I have to stand next to one more 12 foot tall spawn of hell singing Linkin Park under his breath, I'm going to kill someone.

Then The Ranger (or Warrior) notices an Orcish Brawler lfg. Now, I like Monks, but Orcs are dumber than a bag of hammers. Seriously.

This is when the alarm bells start to ring gently in the back of my mind.

Against my better judgement, I send him a tell.

>>OrcishBrawler ((Party)) ((Do you need it?))
OrcishBrawler>> k, were 2?

Alarm bells ring louder.

>>OrcishBrawler Uhhh... we're all meeting in Rolanberry Field.
OrcishBrawler>> oic, ill be there sun.

I tell the rest of my party that I found the harbinger of our doom... I mean a sixth member.

Fifteen minutes later, he shows up. He's level 30 and wearing level 7 leather armor. He's a Monk and he's wearing AGI rings and Energy Earrings. He's not even wearing head gear.

I go to ask about it and wonder why I would subject myself to such stupidity. So, I let it go.

We teleport and find a camp, and suddenly the Orc runs off. I start to count my blessings, when he reappears (Oh joy), with not one, not two, but SIX adventurers. I switch from counting blessings to counting the number of pointy things aimed at my face.

Luckily, the rest of my group (minus Captain Stupid, of course) jumps into action and we start fighting. Swords clash, shields splinter, humes get stabbed repeatedly. You know, a good time.

Things were actually going well, when I notice the Orcish Retard is nowhere to be seen. I start looking around and finally see him.

Apparently, six adventurers weren't enough. Now, he has attracted the attention of a passing Taru Red Mage. In AF gear. Yes, I said AF gear.

The Red Mage, in turn, decides to powerlevel the six people we're already fighting, while Orco the boy wonder is laying down a dazzling series of misses and zeroes.

I watch the tank die and then the white mage. The Ranger (Warrior... sigh) goes next and then the Shaman takes a lance to the brain. That looked like it hurt.

So it's me, alone, versus six very angry, very armed adventurers. Well... me and the Orcish Blunder who just used his two hour. Apparently, he wasn't missing fast enough.

As I die, brutally stabbed again and again (and once in the ass. Stupid damned Thief), I hear the Orc say:

"Man, u guys are n00bs"

I hate orcs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"(and once in the ass. Stupid damned Thief)"

Yeah seriously. What the hell are they doing back there, anyways?

2:09 PM  
Anonymous OMGWTFBBQ said...

Hehe, last time I checked, MNKs couldn't wear leather:P But since it's a orc, I'm pretty sure he is to stupid to know what he can wear >_>

5:00 PM  
Anonymous LloidofPhoenixserver said...

I've had a dumbass like that befor never again in the dunes will I play with "noobs", vandeils deth bringers...

2:12 PM  

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